We conduct extensive analysis of organisations’ R&D operations, develop business processes designed to shorten product development lifecycles and time-to-market. We measure which activities contribute to innovation and which may need changing, and restructure for optimum performance and return.
We analyse by qualitative and quantitative methods the underlying factors behind market growth: what are the drivers creating demand, what are the key barriers to market entry, what is the competition and what are the alternative technologies. We can also undertake studies to find out how customers rate your business so as to re-evaluate your offerings.
Technology roadmapping is an effective tool that results into a layered, time-based chart, linking market, product and technology information, enabling market opportunities and technology limitations to be identified. We have developed roadmaps for several industrial sectors and organisations across Europe.
Our international networks of research institutes, industrial development centers, and private corporations enable us to find in very short time spans novel technologies that can make your products more competitive. The type of alliance that is consummated may take the form of a joint venture, a partnership, a distributorship, operating under license, or some other mutual commercial arrangement.
Working with the right partners is essential to solve technical issues, reduce funding constraints, eliminate management limitations and open marketing channels speeding your new products to market. We can help build links to the world-class partners needed to undertake excellent collaborative work.
We provide advice and support to organisations throughout Europe aiming to share the costs and risks of R&D. We have considerable experience in various regional and national programmes but in particular the European Commission’s Framework Programme for Research and UK’s Technology Programme for which we have regularly acted as expert evaluators and reviewers. We are used to help bidders that may be preoccupied with the technical solution and tend to overlook customer requirements, routes to market and societal impact.
Projects in the real world infrequently go according to plan. We specialise in how to turn failing projects around and help our clients to produce the deliverables. For this we employ aspects of the PRINCE2 project management method, which provides detailed guidance on how to control and deliver your projects on time, within budget and to the right quality. Over the years we have developed our own approaches on how to get the best out of a project team, survey quickly the most important tools and techniques and know when to constructively kill a project.
In advance of an investment, takeover, or business partnership we can provide comprehensive technology assessments in relation to specific industries. We generate valuable reports for our clients that become an integral component of their decision-making and negotiation processes. We offer a confidential, unbiased perspective that complement your internal reviews.
Accessing, transferring and using knowledge is the key to success in today’s world. Public research funding schemes often require dedicated activities with regards to knowledge transfer and dissemination of research results. This is not a process which begins when the research is complete, but one which runs from the first days of the project through to its completion and beyond. Consortia may be unaware of the interests of other stakeholder groups and frequently use very different language and concepts. To this end, we can produce effective press releases and articles, manage special interest groups and organise dedicated events that bring together diverse and complimentary audiences.
R&D results in valuable inventions, concepts and designs which can be a source of potential value when it comes to gaining competitive advantage. A variety of intellectual property mechanisms exists to help organisations protect these valuable assets. Our team can help you identify, protect and exploit intellectual property by conducting targeted patent searches, reviewing new products for infringements, developing regular patent intelligence reports and handling licensing negotiations.
Vodera supports clients achieve their objectives through the development, execution and reporting of customised planned events, such as conferences, workshops or roadshows. We can offer support with the programme design and planning, audience selection and registration, delegate pack production and recommendation of professional facilitators.

Scientists and engineers, who are ready to articulate ideas and concepts, even if they have still to go commercial, will greatly benefit from our support. The services includes help with developing and protecting new inventions, products, services, and processes. We make inventors aware of main risk areas particularly in areas outside their comfort zone and derive strategies to minimise them. Vodera also advise entrepreneurs on intellectual property issues, product development partners and funding sources within the private and public sector.

Vodera supports venture capital organisations, business angels and government funding agencies to carry out technical due diligence. In advance of a takeover, business partnership, technology acquisition or investment, we provide comprehensive reviews in relation to specific technologies and market sectors. We generate valuable reports that become an integral component of decision-making and negotiation processes. Our reports are confidential and unbiased and the aim is complement any internal reviews our clients may have.

Public authorities have an important role in creating the policy conditions and investment climate so that innovation ecosystems can thrive. Innovation and entrepreneurship have been a core focus for European, national and regional public authorities alike. Vodera supports public authorities with the development strategies and delivery of programmes to improve community business infrastructure including advisory services, clusters, science parks; competitions for funding; and knowledge exchange initiatives.


  • Through Vodera we were able to secure significant funding for an R&D project. The team was proactive, available and delivered within the timelines.
    Daniel Hansens, Product Strategy Director, Peerius
  • Vodera understood our project quickly and made intelligent comments to the point. Very effective, friendly and committed.
    Dr Dimitrios Sideris, CEO, Genetic Microdevices