Nov. 2014

CITIA Roadmap Conference – supported by ROCKIT

The CITIA Roadmap Conference will take place on February 24- 25 in Brussels, Belgium. The Conference aims to:
  • Share the first version of the Roadmap for Conversational Interaction Technologies produced by the ROCKIT project and collect critical feedback on its content. ROCKIT develops a research and innovation agenda including a strategic roadmap in the area of natural conversational interaction and has arrived to a first version of the roadmap after the first year of the project.
  • Launch the Conversational Interaction Technology Innovation Alliance (CITIA), aiming to form a broad-based, cross-sector community around the ROCKIT roadmap as a long-term route to sustainability.
The 2-days conference programme enables the exchange of ideas and networking among all stakeholders of the European Conversational Interaction Technologies ecosystem, among which SMEs and corporations, universities and research institutes European institutions, specialized media. The conference programme foresees five interactive sessions where stakeholders will debate around the five scenario of the ROCKIT Roadmap and present industry models and business cases. Click here for the full programme.

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