About Vodera

Vodera is a specialist provider of innovation management services to R&D intensive organisations across Europe interested in commercialisation of technologies and business growth plus their adoption as a key enabler in other industries.

The company supports its clients and partners during the various stages of technology development and exploitation, from proof of concept, pilot studies through to business model validation.


Having great ideas and inventing something involves a lot of work, but it is not enough. You have to get it out in the world and create impact. We believe that this is a measurable business process that can be learned, practiced, and made routine.

A thorough understanding of a market’s drivers and review of an organisation’s technical capabilities is also essential in order to identify overlooked opportunity areas for the organisation to exploit. Combining these with a solid understanding of end-user’s needs can result in offerings that can surpass the competition.


Our brand reflects Vodera’s commitment to collaborative work, to innovation and societal impact. At the heart of our identity is a distinctive swirl that denotes constant and rapid change. The simple and distinctive wordmark starts and ends with the same symbol, to illustrate the two forces behind this change, our clients and us.