About Vodera

Vodera is a specialist provider of innovation management services to R&D intensive organisations across Europe interested in commercialisation of technologies and business growth plus their adoption as a key enabler in other industries.

The company supports its clients and collaborators during all stages of technology development and exploitation, from proof of concept, pilot studies through to market launch.

Vodera delivers its services to research and development corporations, start-ups and universities either directly or as part of regional and national government agency initiatives.


Having a great idea and inventing something involves a lot of work, but is not enough. You have to get it out in the world and create impact. We believe that this is a measurable business process that can be learned, practiced, and made routine.

A thorough understanding of a market’s drivers and review of an organisation’s technical capabilities is also essential in order to identify overlooked opportunity areas for the organisation to exploit. Combining these with a solid understanding of end-user’s needs can result in a great offering that can surpass the competition.

Word of mouth

  • Through Vodera we were able to secure significant funding for an R&D project. The team was proactive, available and delivered within the timelines.
    Daniel Hansens, Product Strategy Director, Peerius
  • Vodera ensured the success of our bid with accurate interventions, to the point comments and focus where it was most required. A very fruitful and smooth collaboration from beginning to end.
    Dr Giannis Katsaros, Member of the Board of Directors, Exus Software
  • Vodera has the unique capability to deliver professional solutions for industry underpinned by solid scientific methodologies.
    Dr George Tsekouras, Innovation SIG & Track Chair, British Academy of Management
  • Vodera understood our project quickly and made intelligent comments to the point. Very effective, friendly and committed.
    Dr Dimitrios Sideris, CEO, Genetic Microdevices

About Us

  • Introduction to Vodera

    Our team offers a unique blend of business pragmatism supported by deep technical knowledge that allows us to capitalise on the latest developments and get the most out of technology breakthroughs.

    We have particular expertise in academic technology exploitation and industrial collaborative research programmes. We understand the languages and cultures of both technology and business, and can balance both perspectives.

    We welcome approaches from business enterprises, governments, university research centers, associations and economic development agencies to establish future drivers of success in competitiveness, economic wealth and sustainability.

    We are willing to enter joint venture agreements or partnerships to achieve those aims. Please contact us to discuss any related ideas.

  • Who we are

    We love technology and we believe in the value of our work in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits. Behind Vodera’s success lies an experienced and dynamic team with a wealth of technology achievement and market knowledge. Our background combines fundamental research, product development, standardization and technical sales with various European, Asian and American organisations. We work with mature processes that we have carefully developed and tested. This ensures both low risk in our assignments as well as agility in our approach. Depending on the nature and timescales of projects, we promptly deploy experts internally or from our extensive network of associates to satisfy project requirements. Our ability to deliver a high quality of service results in most of our work coming from existing clients and referrals.
  • What we do

    Vodera is an independent innovation accelerator company, specialising in commercialising the outcome of research in universities, public institutions and private enterprises. Our growing portfolio of projects and activities has been built around some of the fastest paced technologies.

    The science of innovation management is at the heart of Vodera’s practice enabling us to act as catalysts in prompting technology intensive organisations to rethink the way they exploit their research and development results. We provide a range of services to organisations of all sizes, either directly or via publicly funded initiatives.

    We measure our success through the successes of our clients and strive to exceed their expectations for quality and value in every one of our projects.

  • Working style

    Understanding our client’s needs and objectives is vital to our ability to deliver. Trust and confidence are vital components to building successful business relationships and these values are at the core of our approach. We regularly work as an integral part of our clients’ teams, rather than as a third party.

    Vodera offers clients advantages over large consulting firms concerning the level of technical expertise and insight available combined with accessibility, speed of response and flexibility.

    Importantly, we also differentiate ourselves by agreeing to link part of our fees to the results we deliver or consider a performance bonus and/or equity. For fixed priced projects we commit to achieving an agreed set of operational results for that price, no matter how many person days we actually use.

  • Brand

    Our brand is much more than just a name and a logo. It reflects Vodera’s commitment to colloborative work, to innovation and societal impact. At the heart of our identity is a distinctive swirl that denotes constant and rapid change. The simple and distinctive wordmark starts and ends with the same symbol, to illustrate the two forces behind this change, our clients and us.